Hello! My name is Rosie and I am The Pink Penguin (not literally obviously, although how cool would that be!) I am a mum to 2 fantastic children and live in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside with my Fiance and our young kids.

Pink Penguin Designs began when I had made some multicultural dolls for my daughter whilst I was on maternity leave from Childminding and I uploaded a picture of the finished dolls to a childminding page on facebook and I had so many lovely people requesting them that I took orders and worked right up until my son was born (15 days late, I think he knew how busy I was so let me crack on with painting before entering the world!). I had to make a facebook page to keep on top of orders so needed a business name, which came about from my daughters favourite animal and my favourite colour!

I started The Pink Penguin to run alongside my business Pink Penguin Designs where I design and make bespoke pieces. I adore crafting and DIY and am constantly finding new and exciting projects to do for my itching hands. I love releasing my artistic flare through any means possible, especially via my little pegs of loveliness.

I absolutely LOVE painting, creating, designing, and making so please keep on keeping me busy with your orders!

I look forward to hearing from you.



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