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Easter Decorations


We love Easter in The Pink Penguin Household, not just for the chocolate eggs (although that’s definitely a bonus), but it’s almost like a nod to say that the long cold winter is over and the weather is going to improve here on in. I adore all the Easter colours, the beautiful pastel shades and the hues of spring.

Our family gets together to celebrate and as we have a close family it’s such a lovely time to see the kids playing with each other, scrabbling over one another to find the cleverly hidden eggs (and the more obvious ones that we ran out of time to find a place for).

I love to adorn the house for any occasion that I can get away with but Christmas and Easter are the big ones in our house and I love putting the decorations up with my little helper.

If we have in any way inspired you to decorate your houses then please see below as to what we used:

IMG_20150331_110802_20150401215850628IMG_20150331_110549 (1)

20150402_115050A lot of the decorations are from Hobbycraft, including the tree. Hobbycraft is fantastic at Easter decorations and crafts and the prices start at £1 so they have something for every budget. The decorations in the glass bowl and the little brown twig nests are from Crafty Crocodiles. The little wooden hanging decorations are from the local garden centre, as are the lights for tree. Everything else is from Hobbycraft.

I hope you all have a fantastic Easter and enjoy indulging on chocolate!

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Bubble Quilt

bubble quilt

It’s no secret that I LOVE Pinterest! I am always scouring it for new ideas and inspiration and have so many boards on my personal profile it’s ridiculous! But my biggest board by far is definitely my DIY, crafts and things to make one.

I am so eager to make everything I have saved, and to be fair I have attempted a lot of things, but one project that stood out to me that I have been desperate to make since I saw it was a bubble quilt by Awaiting Ava.

This is the bubble quilt that I saw on Pinterest:

Picture from Awaiting Ava

I love the colours, the squishiness (there is no better word for this), everything about it as each little bubble is basically a little pillow, it’s so soft and padded. If you go to the website mentioned above (which I most definitely recommend) there are so many different variations of bubble quilts and in so many different colour schemes.

A quick background story as to why I made it: I went into early labour at 37 weeks with Dexter, but the little monkey didn’t make an appearance until 42 weeks! However, I was told by the midwife at my 36 week appointment that I needed to go on maternity leave ASAP as I was still working and was determined to right up until I gave birth. However, I took the advice of all the health professionals, and my family and took maternity leave. I felt lost as I need to keep busy, I don’t know how to relax.
I sorted out all my fabrics into colour order and knew I wanted to make something with them, then I remembered about the bubble quilt I found and knew what I was going to make.

The reason for this story? To show how quick it was to follow and make, I did it in no time at all, even with a 3 year old in tow and a huge bump between me and the sewing machine!

close up bubble quilt

There are 2 tutorials for this, the first one she did is here and the revised version can be found here. Once you know how to make each individual ‘bubble’ you can make your quilt as big or as small as you’d like. I didn’t copy her ruffle however, I made up my own which I can’t really explain how as I just winged it!

bubble quilt 2

As soon as I finished it my daughter grabbed a blanket, lay down on top of it and went to sleep! It’s so versatile, it can be used as a sleep mat or play mat and it’s great when your baby is learning to sit up because if they fall down it’s very soft like landing on a cushion.

bubble quilt back

I backed mine with this gorgeous turquoise cotton flanneling fabric, as it’s quite thick it should be quite durable on the back, and Lily-Rose likes to lie on the turquoise side so it’s nice and soft too.

I added different fabrics and textures to mine and both the kids love touching and feeling them. It’s been used everyday since I made it 10 months ago, hence why it’s looking a little flat compared to the ones on Awaiting Ava’s website. To say it was my practice piece it turned out rather well and I’m quite pleased with it.

fabricHere are just a few of the different fabrics I used, there is satin, cottton, silk, seersucker, shiny fabric, sequined fabric etc. It’s great to use up scraps of fabric or fabric you wouldn’t necessarily use for anything else.

I would love to make a huge one to cover our bed for winter, and one with waterproof backing to use outside. It’d be so comfy to sunbathe or picnic on and keep my little crawler off the grass!

bubble quilt in use

Even if you don’t have kids you can make one, I have seen a large monochrome one that’s used as a rug in a living room.

I recommend this to everyone to try whether you are a beginner or an experienced sewer, it really was easy.

Good luck,

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Spring has (almost) sprung



I love spring, it signals the miserable seemingly never ending winter is over and we are hopefully on the way to some warmer weather. There’s a freshness in the air and the trees and plants are budding and ready to show their greenery that has sorely been missed since late autumn.

The snowdrops are going but in their place are crocuses and daffodils and soon the beautiful blossom will be out. There is new life with the beautiful baby animals being born and it’s so lovely to see lambs in fields.

It also happens to be my birthday, so an extra reason to celebrate! Although my birthday is usually either red hot or thick with snow.

When the sun shines through my living room window it automatically puts me in a better mood and helps to banish those winter blues that we all seem to be suffering from of late.

Looking forward to nicer weather and a happier state of mind,